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Currently a student in the University of Portsmouth U.K studying Photography. Mainly portrait/documentary photographer

Mr Jack Coultas 

Mr Coultas

Mr Ridley 

From one city to another

The Photobook: Un & illuminate

I admit I really struggled with the title, out of all of them this one really did stick to me.

To be honest am quite happy with the book overall, I could of got better quality if my Lightroom book module actually connected to Blurb servers but that’s life isn’t it.

For my very first book I am very happy

Miss France 

Photobook: The final stage

Well I’ve finally come to the final stages of my photobook. Although most of my original plans for this book were scrapped in the early stages, it will retain its original vision and hopefully it will fulfil my expectations in its final form!

Now the problem is the cover of the book and the title, this is the type of stuff that takes time and I really don’t have that time. I can make a cover using the photos I’ve already taken but I just need that title to fit it all together.

Well writing wise I will have an explanation of each chapter, technically details but also the inspirations around these images and why I composed them. Its been a long road but its so close to being done, I did enjoy the experience to a point. 

The Last Shots of Miss Barclay and Miss Laws 

Miss Barclay