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Currently a student in the University of Portsmouth U.K studying Photography. Mainly portrait/documentary photographer

The End of the First of Year of the Next 3 Years

I’ll be honest it’s been a good year. I’ve learnt more about photography then I ever thought I would, improved my photography in so many ways, my fear of studio photography is no longer here and I’ve met many great photographers.

However this is only the start, I have another 2 years to go and I have a plan of sorts for after university but I won’t go into that until the right time and it’s no way near the right time.

It’s been a great year that’s all

Just Look Up

This was actually fully my flatmate Benji Longman’s idea. He just said ‘We should look up, we don’t do it often’

Medium Format Landscape 

I spent 2 hours up on that Car Park, composing and trying to figure out 

Bateson Cityscape

These are the digital versions but wait till you see the film lot…….. I prefer them

Removing the Human Element

It’s around this point of the year where I get really worn down by photography. I don’t mean this in a negative way but I am not one of those people who like to shoot all the time. If I do I burnt out quickly. I like to take my time, especially now since I have the time to.

This is why very so often I like to do landscapes, it takes the human element for photography and that is really nice. It just makes it simple, I only worry about the technical settings and composition.

On top of this wonderful simplicity, I was using a nice panoramic medium format camera this time round. Now with film I always take my time not matter the type of photography I am doing. To be honest I can’t really put into a lot of words now that I think about it. I’ll just leave it with ‘it was great’. Also when my flatmate enlightened me when he said ‘we should just look up, we don’t do it that often’…..

The Father, The Loss, The Repercussions Part 2

Now it is amazingly hard to get my father for one single photo, especially for this project, even after he agreed to it. My father like most Asian men, he is a very proud and proud to the point where he doesn’t like to show his negative emotions. To fully know why he is the person he is now, you need to know what he has been through over the past few years, I won’t go into detail but he has a lot of loss and betrayal from people he didn’t expect and left a large hole in his trust in people. He is the fixed point in our family, the rock that we shelter behind but that rock is eroding away. This is why me and my brother were raise to have a backbone, we were raised to be a fixed point in the family. Although he has suffer great loss, he still intends to be that fix point that rock. 

From the song Hands Held High by Linkin Park ‘My dad he’s got a lot of fear I know but enough pride inside not to let that show’

The Father, The Loss & The Repercussions Part 1:

If you know me personally (Which 99.3% of Tumblr doesn’t, maybe I should share my feelings on here more often?) I lost my Aunty from my fathers side at the end of February this year. This shook us even though we knew this was coming and we knew this for a while. Call me heartless but I looked at her condition from a point where I accepted the inevitable outcome, while others members of the family looked from the point of hope, where she will get better through time. I understood their point of view, I truly did and even though they didn’t understand mine. I knew if I adopted their view on this on matter, the end would be a lot harder to process.

Now if you know my father (which 99.9% of Tumblr doesn’t), he doesn’t exactly express his emotional feeling apart from his angry, his disappointment and if your lucky his banterous, witty insults to his friends. My father has already been through a lot of family drama and tragedy over a number of years and I’ve witnessed the change in him and there has been a lot of change. Now with the pasting of a sibling, I actually didn’t notice any change in him. Maybe he has got to the point where he is emotionally drained? I would try and ask him if anything is wrong but I know I would probably get the same response from him. A response which involves me leaving the room to make him some ruddy tea and as a result forgetting about the conversation I wanted to have. Well maybe one day he will open up and share but I really doubt that any time soon. Surprise me father?

I’ll be honest, maybe this is a way of me showing how really I felt about the entire situation with my Aunty. I’ve only actually talked two people about how I felt, others have tried to talk to me but were probably to scare to ask the question. I can understand that, it is a very touchy subject to some people. I am still grieving, I’ve lost a part of my life which has been there since my younger days and memories like that are hard to forget. Maybe I should call this ‘Myself, The Loss & The Repercussion ' but this actually about my father. This first post was probably a way of me getting my personally feelings out the way. Everytime I set out to do a documentary series, I always try to tell a story from the heart and this is a story from my heart. 

Part 2 will be up tomorrow or the day after 

I haven’t been absent. Just not here

From the end of March, I decided to take a weee break from my photography and it was definitely needed. I felt more a lot burnt out of ideas (if that makes sense). After a lot of thinking, eating, walking, running and listening to Haim. I got some more ideas (I won’t share them all on this blog).

The first two were ‘work experience’ blog ideas, one continuing the very slow project of ‘People of London’ and a new one which is more street photography rather then street portrait called ‘Street Corners & Signs’. You don’t really need a description for that project really do you? My last is a small documentary on my Father. I will expand on that on the next. I will be more emotional and deep.

I am also planning to do more actually film work over the summer break. For people who don’t know, I actually want to be a director of photography later on. Not for one of those big budget Hollywood films with explosions at every turn but for one with a story of love, loss, redemptions and revolve. Well basically a crime or war drama like Hurt Locker or Zero Dark Thirty. I have actually drew up a little storybook and a weeee script/screenplay but I won’t go into detail just yet….

Either in the next week I will be uploading work! BE HAPPY